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The Dangers of Neglecting AC Maintenance Before Summer Begins in Morristown, TN

By May 9, 2024July 9th, 2024No Comments
pre season hvac tune up

Consumers spend over $10 billion a year on HVAC repair and maintenance services. Neglecting routine HVAC maintenance, however, can cause the unit to break down. You may need to spend even more on a new one.

Before that happens, request a pre-season HVAC tune-up in Morristown, TN. Routine maintenance will keep your unit operating at its best.

What are the benefits of seasonal HVAC maintenance? Read on to find out!

8 Benefits of HVAC Preventive Maintenance

1. Avoid Emergency HVAC Repairs

Every summer, families host parties, invite friends over, and enjoy summer vacation at home. Imagine having friends or family over, only for your HVAC unit to break down. No one will want to stay during the heat of summer.

Scheduling routine maintenance can help you avoid needing emergency HVAC repair. Your HVAC technician will assess the unit’s components. They’ll recognize parts that may break down in a few months.

With their help, you can keep the unit functioning properly. You’ll have peace of mind before you invite guests over.

They’ll spot problems before they can get worse. You can pay for minor repairs instead of a major fix or a new unit.

If you wait until the last minute to request services, you could encounter problems during the busy season. Instead, schedule a pre-season tune-up. Request a check-up every fall and spring.

You won’t have to wait days before a technician is available to visit your home. Instead, you can get help before there’s a major issue with the unit. Requesting services before the unit breaks down can help you avoid a stressful situation later.

2. Extend the Unit’s Lifespan

Over time, your HVAC system’s components can experience wear and tear. Small problems can build up, leading to bigger issues.

For example, the AC drip pan can start to leak. This will cause mold and mildew to grow. Your home’s indoor air quality could become compromised.

The evaporator and condenser coils can get dirty over time. They work in tandem to produce and circulate cool air throughout your home. When they’re dirty, insulation will prevent heat from absorbing properly.

Corrosion, usually caused by a refrigerant leak, can occur. A leak can cause the coil to freeze over, causing more absorption issues.

These problems can cause the unit to produce strange sounds. You may notice your energy bills have increased.

Meanwhile, the likelihood of the unit breaking down will rise. Before these issues occur, schedule preventative maintenance.

Scheduling HVAC maintenance regularly could push your unit’s lifespan to up to 15 years. You can avoid paying for an expensive new unit. Instead, you can ensure your current unit is operating effectively and efficiently.

3. Reduce Energy Costs

About 6% of all electrical use in America goes directly to our HVAC systems. Your bills will increase if there’s a problem with the unit.

Common HVAC problems will cause the unit to push itself to operate. It will use more energy, causing your expenses to rise.

Meanwhile, the components will experience additional wear and tear. Some may break down. The entire unit may stop working.

If you’ve experienced increased energy costs, talk to a Morristown HVAC technician. They can make recommendations to help you improve your energy efficiency.

For example, they may recognize that you need to replace your HVAC filter more often. Otherwise, the unit will try harder to push air through a clogged filter.

If you have an old unit, you may need to switch to a newer, more energy-efficient model. Units with the ENERGY STAR label can save you up to 20% on energy costs.

4. Minimize Allergens

An experienced HVAC technician can help you improve your home’s indoor air quality. Otherwise, it’s possible you’re breathing in:

  • Pet dander
  • Pollen
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Mold
  • Dust mites

These allergens can trigger allergic reactions. You may start sniffling, sneezing, and coughing within your own home.

A technician may recommend air duct cleaning services. You may not realize pests have infiltrated your ducts. Routine cleanings can improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Routine maintenance can help you recognize issues that are compromising your family’s health. For example, carbon dioxide can sneak into your home. It’s colorless, odorless, and poisonous.

Regular checks will allow a technician to recognize that you have a problem. They’ll confirm the gas is venting and burning properly.

5. Increased Comfort

No one wants to sweat through summer break indoors. Before there’s an issue with your unit, call your Morristown technicians. They’ll confirm that the unit is working as intended.

The solutions they provide now can help keep your family comfortable all summer. You can avoid the unwanted stress of the unit breaking down.

Talk to a technician if you’ve noticed increased humidity levels within your home. They may recommend you use a dehumidifier. They can identify the root cause of the problem to provide a customized solution.

6. Protect the Environment

Regular HVAC maintenance is beneficial for the environment. Without regular tune-ups, the unit may push itself harder. It will use more fuel to operate.

An experienced technician can offer recommendations to reduce your environmental footprint. They may suggest that you switch to an eco-friendly unit if you’re using an older model.

7. Meet Warranty Requirements

If your HVAC unit breaks down, the manufacturer will request proof that you scheduled maintenance checks. Not having licensed professionals check the unit can invalidate the warranty. You may need to pay for a new unit out of pocket.

Before that happens, schedule regular maintenance. You can protect the unit, your home, and your wallet.

8. Peace of Mind

Requesting routine tune-ups will give you peace of mind. You won’t have to worry every time the unit makes a strange sound or cycles. Instead, your technician can identify the problem and offer a solution.

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